21 battalion, 5th Brigade, 2 N.Z.E.F.

Battledress with 37 pattern webbing

The New Zealand unit of the society is based on the 5th brigade that fought in every campaign of the 2nd N.Z.E.F. The "Kiwi" section has been established since 1995 and been based around an infantry section. The unit has been highly involved with the society's parades and display battles. The standard uniform is Battledress or Khaki drill, lemon squeezer hat or helmet, black boots and 37 pattern webbing. The standard rifle being the SMLE with 07 Bayonet, support weapons are the Bren gun, Thompson SMG, Vickers HMG, EY rifle and mortar. In recent years original equipment has become rarer and more precious so that now new recruits are encouraged to seek out reproductions where possible.

The "Kiwi" section (21st battalion) also works alongside its other cousin units up and down the country - 22nd Battalion-Wellington Rifles, 25pdr crew of the Oamaru coastal defence unit and the Kiwis of Delta group - Marlborough, and the Canterbury Military Heritage Group.

The unit has a high standard of authenticity and are dedicated to preserving New Zealands military history and in many cases the legacy of their family's service in World War Two.

Our unit manual is downloadable here (9mb).